Kinvert Robotics Competition Summer 2016

Sumo Robotics Competition STEM Classes

As many of you know, our little school Kinvert teaches kids in the SE Michigan area several STEM topics, including Robotics Classes, Programming Classes, Engineering Classes, Rockets Space and Orbital Mechanics, and much more. Kinvert's STEM classes have taken place in Lake Orion, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Warren, Center Line, Troy, Royal Oak, among other places. One of the things we emphasize in our STEM classes is teamwork, collaboration, and problem solving.

The epitome of this is Engineering Competition. I've always thought Engineering Competition is the best way to learn teamwork and enhance technical skills. Unfortunately the main option is incredibly expensive. A FIRST Robotics Team will often spend $20,000 or more to compete. Even some school districts can't afford this. We wanted to set up something much more affordable. We wanted a SE Michigan Robotics Competition, and we wanted it to be one you could take part in even if you didn't go to a school with a budget and infastructure to support a FIRST Team.

Kinvert came up with this Robotics Competition and supporting Robotics Class. The plan is 5 sessions at 2 hours each. Students will be taught about how the robot works, and the basics of how to program it. From there, they will solve problems together as a team and program the robot to operate autonomously, and showcase their hard work at Maker Faire Detroit this year, 2016, at The Henry Ford.

One thing that sets our competition apart is that these robots are autonomous. Most robotics competitions for this age range are remote control, which is much simpler than programming a robot to make decisions on its own. By taking part in this Kinvert Robotics Competition, your kids will not only learn teamwork and problem solving, they'll be learning to program an Autonomous Robot. Plus, this Robotics Competition is in SE Michigan. You won't have to drive all over to see your kids compete like you would for these costlier competitions.

We just can't thank all the parents, students, and others that helped make this event possible. Thank you!

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The event is now finished :)

We hope you read about how it went! Read more here.