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New full semester course!

Animation for Kids is a Stop Motion animation class. As a kid I did a lot of special effects with our old camcorder including stop motion using my micromachines etc. Now I have much more experience, better equipment, and the ability to make just about anything with a 3D Printer.

Times and Locations:

  • Tuesdays – Royal Oak – Jan 29 to May 14 – 1PM-2PM

Check back in soon. We’ll be updating this description – probably over the weekend. We’ll include some of the videos students made.

To an extent I can help make props for the animations. However I’ll have limitations and if your child wants to do something specific you may have to make your own props at your own cost. The 3D Printer can be used for free. However if you want to make things out of cloth, clay, etc, you’ll need to bring that in yourself. I’ll provide the cameras and other necessary equipment.

A more detailed description is on the way. This is the first time we’ll be teaching Stop Motion Animation for Kids so we don’t have a bunch of pictures.

Royal Oak – 115 S Campbell

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