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FREE Robotics Pizza Party! Limited Space. Kinvert will be having a FREE Robotics Pizza Party in Warren Oct 19th 4-6PM. … Continued

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Kinvert Teaches STEM Classes and Camps for Kids:
● Robotics - Building and Programming Robots
● Programming - Coding
● Rockets and Space
● 3D Printing
● Teamwork
● Problem Solving
● Critical Thinking
● ...and so much more!

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Kinvert thinks the way to improve lives is to start teaching our children from a young age the value of STEM and Problem Solving to positively impact and change the world. This will also set them up for long-term career success. At this point, there will always be a demand for Robotics and Coding knowledge but because it isn’t taught in schools, the availability of expertise is lacking.
Kinvert, much like it’s founder Keith, aims to help change that with our all-around passion and dedication for teaching kids STEM.

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My children love Kinvert classes! I especially appreciate the flexibility for my 3 children to all be able to learn and work at levels appropriate to them. I also love that the teaching style is one that leads students to discover their own answers. I have already recommended Kinvert classes to several friends, and I would definitely suggest Kinvert again! - Gwen A
A unique experience in a fun, self paced, hands on environment. Kinvert takes the child from basic theory to practical application. It provides the child an opportunity to make and learn from his/her own mistakes, exercise his/her imagination, and work with others to solve unique and complex problems all while expanding his/her personal knowledge base. - Joe S
We love Kinvert! I am really happy with the content of the robotics class and programming class. My 2 sons really enjoy watching the result of programming the robot to do simple tasks. We joined after our friends told us about the classes Kinvert offers and will sign up again next semester. - Hope Z

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