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New full semester course. More detailed description coming soon…

As a kid I always had a little business going. From mowing lawns and raking leaves etc. I’ll tell the students how at 14 or so I made well over a thousand dollars selling candy on the school bus. Later I grew up to do Consulting and Freelance Engineering. Finally, I founded Kinvert :). The goal – to help your kids start a business where they profit at least a dollar without selling to friends / family.

As this is our first time offering the class, we are restricting it to students who have already taken Kinvert classes.

Times and Locations:

  • Tuesdays – Royal Oak – Jan 29 to May 14 – 10AM-11AM

Again, more details coming soon. I’m just rushing to get you the schedule due to all the homeschool policy changes.

Kids will have access to tools such as 3D Printer. They’ll be charged a small but realistic amount since it’s one of their costs of business. Unless they get incredibly extravagant with quality or quantity, expect them to pay less than $5 for use of the 3D Printer.

Royal Oak – 115 S Campbell

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