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Rockets for Kids and Teens is taught by an Aerospace Engineer. Learn about Rockets, Space, & Orbital Mechanics. Build a Rocket. Rockets for Kids is an awesome class!

Times and Locations:

  • Thursdays- Centerline – Feb 1 to Jun 14 – 10AM-11AM

Kids learn rockets space and orbital mechanics at our booth at Maker Faire Detroit where we volunteer each year. Rockets for kids.Want to fly into space? We will teach you how. Using a simulator, you’ll learn to get into orbit or even land on the moon. You will have an incredibly fun and unique experience. Topics covered will include Thrust, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Gravity Fields, and more. We also discuss any news about space from sources like NASA and SpaceX. Weather permitting, we’ll build a rocket and launch it. Come fly with us in Rockets for Kids!

This is a semester long course that meets once a week. We begin in the Summer and end in the Winter.


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