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Join us for the third annual Kinvert Sumo Robotics Competition. The camp will prepare students for the competition, and the battle begins at Maker Faire Detroit 2018 in The Henry Ford on July 28th.

Times and Locations:

  • Week Camp – Lake Orion – Jun 18 to Jun 21 – 3PM-4PM
  • Week Camp – Lake Orion – Jul 16 to Jun 19 – 3PM-4PM

You can see info on our previous event here:

Part of our Summer Camp for Kids and Teens involves a Robotics Competition that takes place at Maker Faire Detroit

Please note, if we don’t get enough kids enrolled we’ll cancel the class. Obviously you won’t have to pay for a cancelled class.

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Kinvert’s Sumo Robotics Competition will help prepare your child for success in a rapidly changing world. We make learning Robotics for Kids fun and approachable despite the amount of technical knowledge they’ll gain by the end of the class.

Why is learning Robotics important? Long story short, kids need to learn about Robotics (and other STEM skills) because Robots and Automation will replace many jobs.

Many of the highly technical jobs are safe. So having technical knowledge, particularly in Robotics and Programming, will help students of Robotics for Kids and Teens employable in the future.

Also, knowing the capabilities and future of Robotics can help them choose careers and tracks in Entrepreneurship. Why is it easier for a robot or computer to replace an Accountant than an Aerospace Engineer? With knowledge about Robotics, Programming, and Automation the answer is clear.

There are so many reasons that our Kinvert Summer Camps are the best around that we won’t be able to cover them all. However the foundation of this is Kinvert’s Philosophy and Core Values, which you can learn a bit about at our About page. When it comes to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) we are highly dedicated. The world has many problems, and regardless of the cause dearest to your heart there are certain things that are crucial.

Kinvert’s Sumo Robotics Competition Camp teaches Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Technical Skills. When facing a challenge students are encouraged to first try to solve the problem as a team before asking the instructor. Kinvert excels at helping students tackle tough challenges while rarely telling them how.

Unless otherwise requested, students are paired in Robotics teams. Rather than going straight to their teacher students are encouraged to first solve problems with their teammates. Kinvert excels at creating complex challenges and nudging students toward the answer while very rarely giving the answer. We have found that students learn much more by solving a problem themselves than having an adult jump in and do it for them. What a shocker right? We only step in when we can see the frustration level is getting in the way or learning. However this rarely happens in Robotics for Kids.

Highly qualified. An Autodidact who also has Multiple Engineering Degrees and won multiple STEM Competitions. Years of experience as an Engineer, Freelance Engineer, and Consultant. Now teaching the best Autonomous Robotics classes in the Metro Detroit area. Kinvert thinks STEM should be taught by people who know STEM. Strangely that seems to be an uncommon stance when compared with other STEM Education companies.