Applied Linear Inequality Story Problems

Though you might think learning Linear Inequalities is a waste of time, you can actually apply them to real world story problems. We’ll do some Linear Inequality examples and word problems here.

We’ll keep adding to this article as we make more examples on how to apply Linear Inequalities.

Investing in Software

Imagine you own a company that pays out $350,000 in salary per year. A new software investment of 75,000 up front, and a 12,500 license per year, will reduce your yearly salary costs to $300,000. In how many years will you break even, and also begin to actually be money ahead?

Before watching the video, see if you can work out yourself how to solve this.

Here is a hint. You can write this as a Linear Inequality where x represents the number of years.

In case the video doesn’t load well, here is an image of the solution.

An applied Linear Inequality Story Problem Example where we show a real life math use of Linear Inequalities

Note, the graph is a very rough hand drawing and does not represent an accurate graph of the Linear Inequality! It’s just there to help prove a point in the video above.

We will add more Linear Inequality Word Problems as we make them.

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