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Kinvert focuses on providing classes that teach teamwork and problem solving skills.  This is by far the best learning experience around for students with a background in STEM! You will get direct mentoring from Keith, an experienced Engineer, to work on a project that will help get you noticed by colleges and employers while developing crucial modern skills. Want to take a product from concept to reality and maybe even sell it? Student have made Robot Army Tank Laser Tag, Construction Robots, and even made custom Fidget Spinners and sold them! This class is available to students who have taken Kinvert classes or have done well in Lego robotics or scratch.

Times and Locations:

  • Tuesdays – Royal Oak – Jan 23 to May 22 – 12PM-1PM
  • Thursdays- Centerline – Feb 1 to Jun 14 – 12PM-1PM

This is a semester long course that meets once a week. We begin in the Summer and end in the Winter.

Most classes have more information. However there are a few main differences with Kinvert Mentor.

The class is very open ended and kids can do basically whatever they want as long as they are staying challenged.

Students need to show they have a good grasp on at least 2 STEM skills such as Robotics and Programming before taking the class.

Our current students already know about the class and what it offers.

One thing to keep in mind is Kinvert’s core values. We are here to help others learn STEM. So Kinvert Mentor students get a ton of perks such as massive discounts in the Summer (80% off) and access to our shop for their projects. Plus extra one on one time with Keith. This is a mentorship program.

Check out what Kinvert Mentor students did at Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford.

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