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Does your kid love Minecraft? If so they’ll have a lot of fun in this Minecraft Summer Camp. Students will work together in survivor mode to solve problems as a team. We taught Minecraft for the first time this Spring, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Your kids will love this camp.

Times and Locations:

  • Week Camp- Lake Orion- Aug 06 to Aug 09 – 5PM-7PM
  • Week Camp- Lake Orion- Aug 20 to Aug 23 – 5PM-7PM

This is not our semester long course. To see that check out our Kinvert Minecraft Class for Kids and Teens.

Please note, if we don’t get enough kids enrolled we’ll cancel the class. Obviously you won’t have to pay for a cancelled class.

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We’ll have some more pictures up shortly. Since this is our first semester teaching Minecraft we don’t have many pictures yet.