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Does your kid love Minecraft? Are they interested in learning how to make a server, how to make mods, programming a robot helper to get them materials, and how to use redstone? If so, then this is the class for them! They can learn important skills while having fun. As with all Kinvert classes we strive to make this class interesting and rewarding for kids young and old. Aside from installation, very little will be direct lecture. Most of the class will be project based. Please sign up early since this class (and 3D Printing) will fill up fast. Ages 8+ (exceptions can be made for students who can show basic computer skills such as typing with all fingers and copying files between folders etc)

Times and Locations:

  • Tuesdays – Centerline – Jan 30 to Jun 12 – 11AM-12PM
  • Thursdays- Centerline – Feb 1 to Jun 14 – 1PM-2PM

Since this will be our first semester teaching Minecraft we do not have any pictures related to it. So here is a creeper one of our students 3D Printed 🙂

We also provide a Kinvert Minecraft Summer Camp.

In Kinvert's 3D Printing class one of the most popular things to make is a Creeper

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We haven’t taught this class yet, so we don’t have a lot of images etc. If this class is as big of a hit as we think it will be, we’ll look at offering it at other locations and we’ll have a lot of pictures and more detail about the course.