Free Class Application – Be a Beta Tester

As I’m sure you’re aware, things have been changing quickly at Kinvert and for home schooling in general.

In anticipation of this Kinvert has been building some online courses, and we need testers!

We are taking applications. Those selected get their class for free in exchange for helping test and improve the classes. More details below.

The application can be found here – Application Form.

This applies only to our new online classes. You’ll come in person. I’ll be there with equipment. The curriculum will be online. Just bring your smiles and industriousness.

Who Gets This Opportunity?

First choice goes to families taking Kinvert classes this Fall (2019). They do not have to apply, don’t have to refer anyone, and will get a free course, if they remain enrolled in their current paid classes. They may refer a family if they want so they can take the free class with their friends.

Families not currently in Kinvert classes can apply here (Google Form):

We think we will be selecting approximately 5-10 families on top of the families guaranteed a spot due to their current enrollment.

In addition, they must refer a family who has never taken a Kinvert class before. If the application is accepted, both families will get to take the free class together as Beta Testers.

What is Expected of the Parent?

Maker Faire Detroit 3D Printed Glasses Banner

Here is what the parent will need to do if their application is accepted:

  • Refer a family that has never taken a Kinvert class
  • Understand these classes are not tested yet, they are in Beta
  • Stay in class with their kids each session
  • Actively observe their kids taking the class
  • Offer suggestions on improvements
    • General improvements
    • Improvements that would make the class better for their kid specifically
  • Help with re-wording etc where needed

What is Expected of Students?

Students made their own video games for Maker Faire Detroit and taught kids how to learn these skills

In general they’ll take this class as they would any other Kinvert class.

The big thing is reminding them they are the first ones taking the course. Some things may be mis-worded or unclear.

We welcome their feedback. They are helping take something that is incomplete and improving it to help other kids.

Oh, and have fun!

What Classes Can be Taken for Free?

Block coding robotics for kids with Cozmo Code Lab

The ones we know will be ready for testing include:

  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics – Code Lab
  • Robotics – Python

Classes that will probably be ready for testing include:

  • Algebra

Classes that might be ready for testing include:

  • Rockets/Orbital Mechanics with KSP (Kerbal Space Program)

When and Where?

Kids test video game design at Maker Faire Detroit

Classes will be in Clarkston on Ortonville Rd about 3 miles North of I-75. The address will be sent to those we can fit in.

This is on Mondays.

First Class is 10-11AM

Second Class is 11-12PM

Third Class is 12-1PM (we must leave promptly at 1)

The first session will be either Sept 9th or Sept 16th. Classes continue until just before Christmas.

One response to “Free Class Application – Be a Beta Tester

  1. Hi! I think I have figured out you are in Michigan! Do you have contact info on the site? Anyway, I am looking at buying Cozmo for my daughter’s 9th birthday next week and asked google how old does a child need to be to learn Python. Being in the San Fran Area, I know several people who use Python professionally, but thought it might be “over the top” for a 9 yr old. Thanks for your comments; clearly Cozmo could work out.

    What do you think about the closure of the parent company and impact on their two products. Cozmo is more mature; the other bot has more potential.

    Your programs are way cool and thanks for what you are doing!

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