Student Creations 10-11-17

FREE Robotics Pizza Party! Limited Space.

Kinvert will be having a FREE Robotics Pizza Party in Warren Oct 19th 4-6PM.

Prizes include a Free Kinvert Robotics Birthday Party and a Free Kinvert Summer Camp*.

There will be activities including Construction Robots and Video Games.

Hold your spot before this event fills! Email or fill out the Contact Form to request the details.

We will email you the full details for this event.

How to Share

To share on Facebook copy the full link below and paste it in your Facebook post. Facebook will let you choose between the images below. We did a little special coding to make this work. You should be able to pick which picture you want when creating the Facebook post. This lets aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc see what kids are working on and encourage them to learn and bring their ideas to life. They can like/share/comment and I think the kids will really love all the positive feedback.

Here is the link to copy/paste:

Student Creations This Week

STEM Course 3D Printing Learn CAD from an Engineer

3D Printed bird on a balance beam student creativity in STEM

3D Printed Rod and Reel holder make actual useful stuff with Kinvert

3D Printed fat unicorn dog CAD Class





If Your 3D Printing Creation Isn’t Here

Check the previous post at or the next post.

Pizza Party Continued

For more information about the Pizza Party email or fill out our Contact Form. We’ll get back to you with all the event details.

Girls learn STEM driving construction robots made by Kinvert STEM students

3D Printed bulldozer robot made by Kinvert STEM students learning critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and technical skills

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