Sphero RVR Projects and Ideas

There are so many cool Sphero RVR projects that are possible, it’s hard to list them all. We made a list of existing Sphero RVR projects and project ideas.

Sphero RVR Projects and Ideas – Outline

Here is what we’ll be going over in this article about Sphero RVR Projects and Project Ideas.

Sphero RVR Projects – Intro

Lots of Sphero RVR Project Ideas pop to mind since this is such a versatile base. With the UART you can connect things like the Raspberry Pi which can add significant processing power. Using Python for example will give you access to many modules.

It is clear that RVR was made specifically with facilitating projects in mind. So let’s see what we can do with the Sphero RVR.

Sphero RVR Projects

Sphero RVR SDK Raspberry Pi and Python by Kinvert

So far, we have only done the basic tutorials that are already in Sphero’s Github.

Another one to check out is how to control the Sphero RVR with a Keyboard using a Raspberry Pi. This is probably one we’ll tackle in the near future as well.


With time we’ll add well documented projects in here.

Sphero RVR Project Ideas

Sperho RVR SDK Outroods with Raspberry Pi and Python by Kinvert

There are a ton of cool Sphero RVR Project ideas. Here are some you might think about doing.

  • Garden Sentry (our garden had a bunnypocalypse)
  • Raking Leaves
  • Dump Truck
  • Mobile Nerf Gun Sentry
  • Driving Robot Arm
  • Excavator
  • Examine Underside of Cars
  • Maybe an Inverted Pendulum is possible
  • Moving DSLR Gimbal
  • Drive While Balancing Ball on Delta Platform
  • Pick Up Colored Objects
  • Sphero RVR ‘Mario Cart’
  • Sorting Game
  • Tron Bike Game
  • More Ideas to Come

Have other ideas? Please let us know in the comments below.

Sphero RVR Projects – Conclusion

There are so many Sphero RVR Projects you can do that we’re just scratching the surface.

With the Sphero RVR SDK you can unleash a lot of power through this robust robot base.

You should also check out Sphero RVR SDK and Sphero RVR Raspberry Pi.

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