Maker Faire Detroit 2016

Kinvert's year end celebration just wrapped up at Maker Faire Detroit 2016, held at The Henry Ford. We had a robotics competition, student projects, and a ton of fun overall.

Kinvert Sumo Robotics Competition at Maker Faire in The Henry Ford

Kinvert had a great time raising interest in STEM at Maker Faire

We just wrapped up our year end celebration at Maker Faire Detroit 2016. We had a robotics competition, displays where several of our students showed off their creations, and several activities for the thousands of people attending Maker Faire to enjoy.

Our goal at Kinvert is to mentor those that will one day help change the world. One of the first steps in that process is making highly technical activities available to kids in a way that isn't intimidating or so difficult that they give up.... Read More

R2 Musical Light Show

I'm a Kinvert student and I made it so my R2 robot can sing and flash lights at the same time. I'll show you how.

R2D2 Music and Lights Using Parallax Propeller Microcontroller

I've always wanted to build my own R2 robot. It is a very big project, and I need to start with the first goals I accomplish. I really want my R2 to be able to sing and flash some lights. In my previous article I already got my R2 to sing the Star Wars Main Theme.

I'd just started my project then, and I didn't start on the lights yet. I just got the lights working yesterday and I thought you might want to see how I did it, so you can start working on your own R2 droid.

Today's Project Goal... Read More

Optimization Project for Detroit Maker Faire 2016

Demonstrating the application of Calculus to Optimization at Maker Faire

At Maker Faire this year, I presented a project explaining optimization. Since I love math so much, I was really excited to do this project! I set up an informational poster to explain optimization and an interactive activity to engage the audience.


Here, I’ll summarize what my poster said. Basically, optimization is a mathematical process to find which variables yield the maximum/minimum outputs. To explain the process, I went through a specific example. Say a farmer only has thirty-two feet of fence, and he wants to enclose as much area as he can... Read More

Playing Music with a Piezo Buzzer

I am making an R2 robot and I want it to be able to sing. I want to help others make R2 robots, so I'll show you how I did it.

Robotics Project for Kids

Playing Music with a Piezo Buzzer by Hayden the Owl Eagle

Last time, I made a tutorial with R2's beep sequence. Now I need to make R2 play the Star Wars theme song so he can play it in my movie about droids that I want to make. I will teach you how to do this too or you can learn to code another song if you want.

Hardware Needed

Parallax Propeller Activity Board Piezo Buzzer

You will need some wires... Read More

Introduction to a New Project - USB to Microcontroller Joystick

A new project is introduced, as well as current status and planned improvements. The power of a USB Joystick available for a microcontroller? Yes please!

Hacked Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Parallax Propeller

This is my initial post to really start this project I had started before. After graduating from Engineering school I have more time to devote to actual stuff, and when looking around for a project I found a giant pile of dust, under which was this joystick.

I've had this thing for years. It's a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and can be had for $30 bucks or so.

Logitech 3D Pro at Amazon

I'll add more detail later, but essentially my buddy broke his and I... Read More