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Robots are becoming a bigger part of our lives each year which makes the need for kids to learn Robotics more crucial than ever. Robotics for Kids prepares kids as automation takes over and the job market changes. In these Robotics Classes for Kids and Teens we will give the kids hands on fun projects. This fosters teamwork and problem solving since kids learn Robotics together with both new and experienced students.

Kinvert is THE innovator in STEM. This is the first K-12 semester long course using the Anki Cozmo SDK in Python anywhere.

This semester long course meets once a week.

Student must bring iOS or Android device with Cozmo app installed – we do not provide this. Kinvert brings the robots only.

Times and Locations:

  • Mondays – Clarkston- Sep 9 to Dec 16 – 10AM-11AM
  • Mondays – Clarkston- Sep 9 to Dec 16 – 11AM-12PM
  • Mondays – Clarkston- Sep 9 to Dec 16 – 12PM-1PM
  • Tuesdays – Royal Oak – Sep 10 to Dec 17 – 11AM-12PM
  • Tuesdays – Royal Oak – Sep 10 to Dec 17 – 1PM-2PM

Funding through Centerline Partnership
Want other funding options? Please let us know 🙂

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Students will have the option of using the Parallax ActivityBot 360 Robot Kit and/or the Anki Cozmo SDK. We are the first to teach semester long courses using the Cozmo SDK. We also teach kids Python at the youngest age we’ve seen around.

In Kinvert's Robotics for Kids Program Anki Cozmo with SDK and Code Lab

Clarkston – 9600 Ortonville Rd.

Royal Oak – 115 S Campbell

Robotics for Kids and Teens – Useful Links

If you’re interested in your kids learning more about this crucial topic, you’ll probably enjoy the links below.

Ultimate Guide to Robotics Projects and Ideas

Anki Vector Vs Cozmo

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Robotics for Kids and Teens will help prepare your child for success in a rapidly changing world. We make learning Robotics for Kids fun and approachable despite the amount of technical knowledge they’ll gain by the end of the class.

Why is learning Robotics important? Long story short, kids need to learn about Robotics (and other STEM skills) because Robots and Automation will replace many jobs.

Many of the highly technical jobs are safe. So having technical knowledge, particularly in Robotics and Programming, will help students of Robotics for Kids and Teens employable in the future.

Also, knowing the capabilities and future of Robotics can help them choose careers and tracks in Entrepreneurship. Why is it easier for a robot or computer to replace an Accountant than an Aerospace Engineer? With knowledge about Robotics, Programming, and Automation the answer is clear.

There are so many reasons that our Robotics for Kids classes are the best around that we won’t be able to cover them all. However the foundation of this is Kinvert’s Philosophy and Core Values, which you can learn a bit about at our About page. When it comes to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) we are highly dedicated. The world has many problems, and regardless of the cause dearest to your heart there are certain things that are crucial.

Kinvert’s Robotics for Kids and Teens teaches Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Technical Skills. When facing a challenge students are encouraged to first try to solve the problem as a team before asking the instructor. Kinvert excels at helping students tackle tough challenges while rarely telling them how.

While other companies are teaching with Legos, Dot and Dash, OzoBot, Sphero, and other beginner robots, we have successfully taught kids as young as 6 with College Level Robots. We fill the gap from Lego Bricks for Kids to Robotics for Kids. No one else seems to teach Autonomous Robotics between the Lego and College level.

We use the Parallax ActivityBot 360 Robot Kit and the Anki Cozmo SDK.

How many people make a living snapping together Lego Bricks? Not as many as people who know how to attach a Servo to a Chassis using Nuts and Bolts. I loved building with Lego as a kid, particularly Lego Technic. They are a great learning tool. But stuff in real life isn’t build with Lego.

Did Lego Robotics or Lego Bricks bring out the creativity in your child? Wait until you see them 3D Print their own Robot, then build it with screwdrivers and wrenches.

In Robotics for Kids and Teens students will learn about Servos, Nuts and Bolts, Microcontrollers, Threads, and much more. Kinvert students don’t follow a tutorial, and snap together both parts and code. They build a Robot with College Level Parts and write code in C. We have successfully taught at this level to kids as young as 6.

The local competition has taught Visual Programming for a long time now and isn’t catching up as they try to emulate us. Kinvert’s first day of teaching to kids as young as 6 involved C in Robotics for Kids and Python. Once again the parallel shows itself. In Robotics for Kids and Teens students learn a language they can get a job in (C) while the competition teaches Visual Programming in their Lego classes.

Experienced students also have the option of learning other languages such as Python, C++, Spin, and more.

Unless otherwise requested, students are paired in Robotics teams. Rather than going straight to their teacher students are encouraged to first solve problems with their teammates. Kinvert excels at creating complex challenges and nudging students toward the answer while very rarely giving the answer. We have found that students learn much more by solving a problem themselves than having an adult jump in and do it for them. What a shocker right? We only step in when we can see the frustration level is getting in the way or learning. However this rarely happens in Robotics for Kids.

Highly qualified. An Autodidact who also has Multiple Engineering Degrees and won multiple STEM Competitions. Years of experience as an Engineer, Freelance Engineer, and Consultant. Now teaching the best Autonomous Robotics classes in the Metro Detroit area. Kinvert thinks STEM should be taught by people who know STEM. Strangely that seems to be an uncommon stance when compared with other STEM Education companies.

There are some prerequisites for this class. Though we have taught kids about Robotics as young as 6, there are certain things your child should already know. If your child isn’t ready for Robotics for Kids and Teens, we will get you some alternatives that can help get them ready.

  • Must be able to read – If they can’t, check out the 3D Printing Courses on our Courses Page.
  • Basic computer knowledge such as folders, copy/paste, backspace, what the enter key does, etc
  • Basic typing skills are helpful
  • Though students must be able to read in Robotics for Kids, it is also helpful to be a proficient at typing. The biggest discrepancy in Coding ability for new students is their ability to type. If your child is struggling with typing we can help them with typing software.

If your child can’t read, they can still enjoy our 3D Printing Courses. But for 3D Printing they should still have basic computer knowledge.

Kinvert teaches Robotics for Kids and Teens in several cities in Metro Detroit. We teach in Oakland County and Macomb County. We have taught in Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Farmington Hills, Center Line, and Troy Michigan. If you have a group nearby let us know and we’ll look in to teaching in your location.

We hear this all the time and we’re here to help 🙂

First, if money is the issue, we have a referral program that can help you save on classes.

Second, sometimes you can find cheaper classes. For example our camps tend to be cheaper than our full semester courses. We’re also working on some online courses which will be cheaper and available soon.

Finally, we have a ton of free content on the Kinvert website for everyone to get value from. Regardless of your abilities and budget, you can get your kids started. Check out our blog 🙂