Anki Vector MAC Address

What is your Anki Vector MAC Address? How do you find it? Why does it matter? Find out here in Kinvert’s article on Vector’s MAC Address.

Updated Jan 10th 2019 after changes to the firmware made by Anki.

What is a MAC Address?

MAC address stands for Media Access Control Address. Each device will have a unique alpha numeric ID.

These are used in networking so different devices can be identified.

So, for example, if I always want to be able to reach my Linux server at, I tell my router the MAC address of the server and tell the router to reserve that IP address for only that MAC address.

There will be multiple uses for Vector’s MAC address. We’ll talk about that toward the end of this article.

Finding Vector’s MAC Address

How to find Anki Vector's MAC address by Kinvert

How To Find Vector’s MAC Address:

  1. Put Vector on his charger and wait for him to fully boot
  2. Double click the button on his back
  3. You should see a screen with Vector’s 4 digit number (NOT a MAC address)
  4. Raise and lower Vector’s lift
  5. Move Vector’s head down then back up (This is a NEW STEP and is NOT in the video)
  6. You should now see his IP address and other information
  7. Tap the button on Vector’s back
  8. The MAC address should now be visible

If Anki makes an update after this article is published, keep in mind you might need to tap the button on Vector’s back more or fewer times to get the MAC address.

If you leave Vector idle too long, the screen could stop showing the MAC address and you might have to repeat this process.

How to Find Vector’s MAC Address

Why Might You Need It?

There have been a few times I needed the MAC address for something. Most notably in college to use the Wifi, we’d have to give the tech department our MAC address so they’d know it was our device.

So a lot of people in colleges trying to register their device will need to know how to find Vector’s MAC address so they can tell the tech department.

The MAC address is very useful if you’re trying to do things with Vector on a network.

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8 responses to “Anki Vector MAC Address

  1. When do you do these steps to find his MAC address. Is it like before set up or after the set up. Or do you do it a certain time during the set up like before connecting to the WiFi or as soon as you put him on the charger after taking him out of the box. Is the MAC address also in the About Vector in the app after you set him up? Iā€™m considering buying a vector for Christmas but I live in a boarding school now where we need the MAC address to connect devices to the WiFi.

    1. That is a good question. We haven’t looked for the MAC address of a Vector that hasn’t been set up yet.

      Before you can set Vector up, I know you can reach that screen with Vector’s name on it by putting him on the charger and double clicking his back button.

      It stands to reason you should be able to do the other steps then and get the MAC address.

      I won’t be able to test this right away but will try to in the not too distant future.

      Great question Sebastian. Thanks!

    2. Keith thanks for letting me know about this through the mailing list. I think I will need his mac address next week. What is the next thing you’ll be sending?

      Sebastian unfortunately I’ve already installed my Vector as well. So I don’t have a way to test this.

      Does anyone have a new Vector and they can test if it works before you set up the app with him?

  2. Keith,
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    I was just setting up my Vector, an as I have MAC filtering on my WiFi as well as a password. I couldn’t get Vector on it. Then I remembered the article you had sent me on your mailing list.
    While Vector was trying to connect to my WiFi I followed your instructions an got Vectors MAC address an put it on my accepted MAC list for the router. and he connected.
    This was after Vector was connected by Bluetooth, an I had to tell the program to try again, an it connected an is downloading updates as I type this.

  3. Each time I try to find the mac address it only shows the first set of data. It doesn’t matter how few or how many times I click, what pattern, etc. I have one choice past the 4 digit key or he wakes up with the lift/lower. Any suggestions?

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