Cube Battery Cozmo/Vector

What should I do when the cube battery for Anki Vector or Cozmo dies? Kinvert will show you how to replace the battery in your Vector/Cozmo cube.

Kinvert has changed just about the most cube batteries of anyone short of Anki. We teach kids many STEM topics including Robotics and Coding with Cozmo.

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Anki Vector vs Cozmo differences between Cozmo has 3 cubes while Vector seems to have only 1

Cozmo and Vector’s Cube Battery

How do I find a replacement cube battery for Vector and Cozmo?

First, let’s talk about the battery size. A lot of batteries have a size of AA or AAA for example.

Cozmo and Vector’s cube battery is a size E90, LR1, or N size. All 3 are essentially the same size. I don’t know why it has 3 names.

Battery size comparison between AA AAA and the Cozmo Vector cube battery N e90 and LR1 sizes

Here are some batteries we have used and we know they fit.

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Generally the best choice:


Lowest price per battery:

Most of you won’t need a huge quantity. If you teach like us you might want to buy in bulk. We went through a ton of batteries in our Cozmo Robotics Competition.

How to Replace Cozmo and Vector Cube Battery – Video


Screwdrivers are important tools, this is a phillips head made by Wiha

You just need a phillips screwdriver. There is a tiny chance you need a flathead screwdriver as well if you need to pry anything.

How to Replace Anki Vector and Cozmo’s Battery

If you look at the bottom of the cube, you’ll see a phillips head screw. Take that out. Remember “righty tighty, lefty loosy.”

The bottom of the cube should come off. If it doesn’t come off easily, you can pry it gently with the flathead screwdriver.

Make sure to take note of which end of the battery goes in to the cube.

How to replace the cube battery for Cozmo and Vector battery replacement

Take out the old battery and properly recycle it. Put the new battery in the same orientation as the old cube battery.

Put the bottom lid of the cube back on, and gently screw in the phillips head screw. When you put the lid on and start closing it, you should see the cube lights flash.

That’s about it. I know this was a short one. That’s because the process is that easy.


Kinvert has around 20 Cozmo robots that we use to teach with. We have classes that include Robotics for Kids and Teens, as well as Coding for Kids and Teens. So we have changed a lot of cube batteries.

On one of our cubes, the captive nut broke out and now rattles around in the cube. So we don’t have a good way to fasten the lid back on.

We used clear tape to hold it shut, and that works.

Other than that, we’ve never had a problem replacing the battery in a Cozmo or Vector cube.

We’ve even had students change the cube battery easily.

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Finally, this is one of the things we emailed out to our Cozmo and Vector mailing list. If you want to get other useful information like this, please fill out this form. You can unsubscribe at any time! We had spam as much as you do.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. Hope this helped!

4 responses to “Cube Battery Cozmo/Vector

    1. One sign that your lightcube batteries are in need of replacement is if Cozmo or Vector have trouble connecting to the lightcube.

      Are you using the SDK? If so, you can actually write a program to check the lightcube battery voltage if I remember correctly. If so I’ll be sure to write an article on how to do that.

      You can also try opening the cube after loosening the screw. Then when you close the cube again, if the cube battery still has some juice the lights will light up. That’s a sign you might not need to replace the cube battery yet.

  1. I saw someone on Reddit say they once put in a wrong battery and ruined Cozmos cube.

    What battery was it? I’m afraid if they look similar and are a common battery my son could put in wrong.

    We got the batteries you suggested. The first of the three. They worked great. 2 batteries were dead in the cubes and they fixed it right away.

    1. I do not know what battery they used. Once I know I can let people know there is a battery that looks similar.

      For now it’s important to only buy batteries you know are compatible with the Cozmo and Vector cubes.

      We have used the batteries we linked to and we can assure everyone they are the right ones.

      Glad the batteries worked for you!

      Is there anything else you’re interested in seeing us write about?

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