Anki Cozmo Drive Straight

This article will show you how to let Cozmo drive straight. We will be showing you how to use cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight().

Driving Cozmo’s Wheels

We can control Cozmo’s wheels. There are multiple methods to accomplish this.

  • cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight
  • cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_wheel_motors
  • cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_wheels

In our case, since we’re driving a known distance of 50mm, the easiest option is cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight(). The other commands involve setting a speed for Cozmo’s left and right wheel, and a duration to go at that speed.

Let Cozmo drive straight by using cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight() in Python with Kinvert


Let’s take a close look at the cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight() function.

What is special about this method over others, is that you can specify a specific distance. For the other methods, you have Cozmo drive straight by setting the wheel speeds and time. So to drive a specific distance, you have to calculate how far Cozmo will drive straight.

cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight() takes the following parameters:

  • distance
  • speed
  • should_play_anim
  • in_parallel
  • num_retries

You can find more details on this at

The Code to Have Cozmo Drive Straight

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import cozmo
from cozmo.util import distance_mm, speed_mmps

def kinvert_drive(robot: cozmo.robot.Robot):
    robot.drive_straight(distance_mm(50), speed_mmps(50)).wait_for_completed()


Note how we used distance_mm(50) as the argument rather than simply putting in a 50. Cozmo doesn’t want an integer, but rather the cozmo.util.Distance class.

Wrapping Up Cozmo Drive Straight

There are several ways to make Cozmo drive straight. If you want him to drive for a specific distance, probably cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_straight() is the best bet. That said, Cozmo can drive curves, he can accelerate, all kinds of stuff. There is a lot more flexibility in the other methods. We’ll go over those another time and link to them here.

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