Cozmo examples aren’t easy to find as the SDK is fairly new. So we made this ever evolving Cozmo tutorials, projects, and examples page. This page will be our central hub for Cozmo projects, tutorials, and examples. We’ll discuss the Cozmo SDK, and link to more in depth Cozmo examples. We hope this can help you develop STEM education curriculum for Cozmo, or help you learn to code.

Please remember this page is a living draft to help both students and teachers navigate easily and find the Cozmo help they are looking for. If you see things such as asdf it just means it’s an area of the page that I flagged for myself to add to later.

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment below or reach out through our Contact Page. The same goes for suggestions, such as project ideas.

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This article focuses purely on Python. If you’re interested in Cozmo’s Code Lab, please check out Kinvert’s Ultimate Guide to Block Coding.

Cozmo Examples, Tutorials, and Projects

As I said this page will be constantly updated with any Cozmo examples, tutorials, and projects. This will be a central hub which links out to many articles and blog posts.

If you are looking for information on Cozmo Curriculum for K-12 STEM Classes Click Here.

Introduction to Cozmo SDK Python Programmable Robot for Kids

teach coding with cozmo examples tutorials and projects with cozmo curriculum for stem education

You might not find much to read directly in this article. However, you find links to many useful Cozmo tutorials, projects, and examples. Check back often. We’ll be updating this page regularly.

We will organize this so you can find Cozmo projects, examples, and tutorials according to certain categories. For example, we’ll sort the Cozmo examples, projects, and tutorials separately. We’ll also sort according to Python functions, Cozmo functions, and Cozmo features. For example, when sorting for Python we’ll look at examples that use loops, conditionals, etc. When looking at Cozmo features we’ll look at animations, the lift, etc. When looking at Cozmo functions we’ll look more at things like say_text() etc.

Examples will be pretty brief, giving a quick description and code for Cozmo. Tutorials will be much more in depth, and will take more work to write. Projects are ideas for things you can do at home or in the classroom.

Cozmo Examples – Cozmo Functions

Here we will look at Cozmo Python examples looking at specific functions.


Though there aren’t Cozmo examples here, you can find a bit more detailed information on some of the functions at the link below. We’ll slowly be adding links for more and more of the functions mentioned above.

There is more to the cozmo.robot.Robot class than we mentioned above. We’re mostly looking at Cozmo functions we think schools teaching STEM Education are likely to use.


We do have an article on the OLED display in Cozmo’s face. It is not a Cozmo example however it does contain useful information. Cozmo Face OLED Display.

Here are some Cozmo examples using methods available in cozmo.oled_face

Cozmo Examples – Cozmo Features

Here is a list of Cozmo examples based on the features of Cozmo. So for example, we’ve sorted these examples based on things you can control and sense with Cozmo. This includes Cozmo examples on the head, lift, backpack light, camera, and more.



  • Cozmo Example – Cozmo’s Lift 1
  • Cozmo Example – Cozmo’s Lift 2


Backpack Light

Cozmo backpack lights with set_all_backpack_lights command by Kinvert


How to move Cozmo's lift using the move_lift command



Cozmo face OLED display image convert_image_to_screen_data Kinvert Cozmo tutorial example project

Cozmo Cube Examples

Cozmo roll cube using Python SDK roll_cube in this Cozmo example lesson

Cozmo Cube Examples

Anki Vector vs Cozmo differences between Cozmo has 3 cubes while Vector seems to have only 1

Cozmo Examples – Python Based

Here we will look at using things like for loops, if / else statements, and more in working examples. For example in case TKinter isn’t installed we use a try except to cleanly exit the program. At Kinvert we believe students learn best by seeing real working Cozmo examples.

Using Try Except With Cozmo

Python For Loops

Cozmo Tutorials – Cozmo Functions

We plan on writing Cozmo tutorials soon. Our tutorials will be more in depth than our Cozmo examples. It will take longer to write them so the list here will be shorter.

Cozmo Tutorials – Python Based

This will be similar to the Cozmo examples used above except we consider Cozmo tutorials to be more in depth. Since Cozmo tutorials are more in depth, they take longer to write. So unfortunately there won’t be as many Cozmo tutorials are there are Cozmo examples or projects.

Cozmo Projects

Looking for some Cozmo project ideas? Look no further. Here is a list of Cozmo projects you can do at home or in your classroom.

  • Tell a joke
  • Solve a maze
  • Stack cubes
  • Roll Cubes
  • Build a Pyramid
  • Build a wall
  • Attach a pen / marker and have Cozmo draw
  • More ideas for projects? Please let us know on our Contact Page

Part of a School?

Are you part of a school? Interested in your students getting more out of their STEM education?

We can help.

Cozmo Education – K-12 Cozmo Curriculum Tips

If you have any questions at all or would like help getting Cozmo in to your school or camp, let us know. We use Cozmo in our classroom and have helped get Cozmo in to schools. If you’re interested in learning more please head to our Contact Page and send us a message. We’ll get back to you shortly to get this incredible learning tool in the hands of your students.

A Parent or a Student?

Check out our STEM Courses. In particular take a look at our Kinvert Cozmo Robotics Competition, Robotics for Kids and Teens, and Coding for Kids and Teens.

We are working on an Online Course teaching how to Program Cozmo. If you’re interested in staying up to date with that please take a look at our Contact Page.

In Conclusion – Cozmo Examples, Tutorials, and Projects

We’ll write this section more in depth in the future. The main conclusion is that I think more Cozmo tutorials will be a good thing. Cozmo is an amazing educational tool. I’m very proud that Kinvert is a first mover in Cozmo K-12 education. We are the experts. We’d love to help get Cozmo in your school, in your classroom, and in front of your students.

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