Anki Cozmo Hello World Using Say_Text

At Kinvert we teach STEM, and one great tool we use is Cozmo. Hello world is the iconic first program most coders write when starting to learn a new programming language. We’ll use cozmo.robot.Robot.say_text() for Cozmo Hello World.

Using the anki cozmo sdk kinvert uses the speaker to say hello world using cozmo.robot.Robot.say_text


For Cozmo Hello World, we’ll be using the say_text() command.

Let’s take a look at the parameters for this method:

  • text – This is the string that Cozmo will say
  • play_excited_animation – a boolean that can make Cozmo move while speaking, or not
  • use_cozmo_voice – Cozmo will speak in his voice if this is true, otherwise use a ‘normal’ human voice
  • duration_scalar – We haven’t used this yet but it seems to change how quickly he talks
  • voice_pitch – Change the pitch of his voice if you want
  • in_parallel – Many of Cozmo’s actions have the ability to run in parallel
  • num_retries – You can try multiple times in case an attempt failed for some reason

say_text() returns a cozmo.robot.SayText action. This is what causes Cozmo to actually speak and say Hello world.

For more specifics on cozmo.robot.Robot.say_text() check out

The Code – Cozmo Hello World Using say_text


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import cozmo

def kinvert_hello_world(robot: cozmo.robot.Robot):
    robot.say_text("Hello world!").wait_for_completed()

cozmo.robot.Robot.drive_off_charger_on_connect = False

For being such a powerful system, this is pretty straight forward. With regular Python, Hello World is a bit easier. However you lose student engagement. Cozmo’s interactivity is well worth a few extra lines of code.

Regular Python:

print("Hello world!")

In this case, Python would only print Hello world. In Cozmo Hello World, using say_text, Cozmo says Hello world. This is a big deal when it comes to student engagement and keeping their attention.

In Conclusion – Say Text and Cozmo Hello World

Though programming with Cozmo is slightly more difficult, it’s well worth it. With a few extra lines of code, you can drastically improve student engagement. Classes are more exciting and interesting. Kids would much prefer to see a physical manifestation of their code rather than just watch text on a screen.

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As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or head to our Contact page.

If you have Vector check out the Anki Vector SDK and Vector Examples.

If Python is a bit over your head, look at Age to Teach Kids Python, What is Robotics, and Block Coding.

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