How to Open Cozmo Code Lab

Kinvert will show you how to open Cozmo Code Lab in the Cozmo App. The process is simple. After that, we show you what you can learn with Cozmo Code Lab.

Getting Started

Block coding robotics for kids with Cozmo Code Lab

Before you can open and use Code Lab for Cozmo, you’ll need a few things. These might seem obvious but we’ll list them anyway.

You need:

  • A Cozmo
  • A compatible device (phone or tablet)
  • Cozmo App Installed
  • Cozmo Works With App

This is mostly here in case you have to troubleshoot something.

Opening Cozmo Code Lab

To open Code Lab you’ll want to be on the home screen of the Cozmo App. Cozmo should be driving around and doing his usual thing.

You’ll see some larger icons with things you can do, such as Explorer Mode. Scroll until you see Code Lab and choose that.

You’re now in a menu where you can choose three bottom tabs. On the far left is Sandbox Mode. In the middle is Constructor Mode. And on the far right are some Featured Projects.

What Are the Modes For?

We’ll probably write a more in depth article about this in the future.

Long story short, Sandbox Mode is the easiest to learn but the least powerful. Constructor Mode is a little harder to learn but is much more powerful. The Featured Projects are basically programs others made in Cozmo Code Lab Constructor Mode which you can play and even modify.

That’s Basically It

It’s not hard to open Code Lab. I write this because I’ve had a couple people on our mailing list ask. We have a wide range of people who are completely new to Cozmo all the way to people who work in AI, and we try to answer all of your questions.

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Other Things to Read and Do

If you’re interested in Cozmo Code Lab you’ll probably also want to read about Block Coding and the Age to Teach Kids Python. Perhaps even What is Robotics is a good article to read.

If you think you’re ready for Python check out the Cozmo SDK, Cozmo Examples, and Cozmo Vs Vector.

Note Anki Has Shut Down So Keep Anki Cozmo Safe.

Finally, you can read Anki’s article about Kinvert at

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